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Create a Simple 4-Week Natural Hair Growth Regimen

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In this guide, you will find:

  • Information explaining the 8 main components to a natural hair growth regimen.
  • A product list worksheet.
  • A weekly regimen checklist to properly guide you through the wash day, styling, and daily maintenance process.
  • A printable month template to plan out your wash days and other important steps to maintaining your natural hair each week.
  • A sample month schedule.
  • A 4 week hair reflection worksheet to jot down any important notes about your hair and regimen each week.



This 4-week Natural Hair Growth Regimen ebook is a super easy to follow guide is applicable for naturals of all levels and contains information covering the basics of creating a solid and effective natural hair care regimen for growth.

Writing or journaling is highly effective and is recommended especially if you are a new natural or have not had a consistent regimen. Why is this important?

Taking notes of different products used, and tracking your hair responses to these various products can be very beneficial in helping you learn more about your hair and regimen as well as determine what products are ideal for YOUR HAIR (and not the next guru on social media).

Also, tracking your results week by week can help build CONFIDENCE, ACCOUNTIBILITY, and CONSISTENCY to those who are:

  1. transitioning or newer naturals who have never had a set regimen and,
  2. veterans who may find that they have allowed the routine to get off track.

The best thing to remember when creating your own regimen is to:


Keep this in mind to create a regimen that is sustainable towards improving your hair’s health with you losing your mind, time, and money!

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