One Head. Multiple Hair Textures: A Visual Example

by Kristal C

I do not have that much hair on my head. Nevertheless, I sure do have a large range of textures throughout my hair. From stray straight pieces to tight little o’s scattered here and there, I am the true epitome that one texture does not fit all. I have multiple textures resting on this one head of mine!

I know there is the Andre hair typing system. However, I have not gone into a detailed discussion about it here on the blog. Nevertheless, many women like to classify their hair type based on the hair typing system. Below, you will find a chart I came up with of the different hair types. I have multiple textures resting on this one head of mine!

Mainly I have 2a, 2b, 2c, 3b, 3c, and 4a types of hair on my head. I know as my hair grows out, the 2-3a textures on the top of my hair will start to flop down the sides instead of out like my daughter’s hair is currently doing in an afro state. Her texture is more 4a, 4b, and 4c (like my husband) with a few strands of 2a throughout her head.

I took a few close ups the best that I could to show some of the different textures I have on my head especially in the front section:

Looking at the middle picture, I have the following textures:

  • A: Tighter Spiral (3c)
  • B: Loose Spiral (3b)
  • C: Loose S Curl (2b/c)
  • D: Tighter Spirals (3c)
  • E: Spirals (3c)

Regardless of all my textures, I prefer to go by the fact that my own set of hair has an unique plethora of textures that all mesh together to form its own personality and character. Hair type=Mine. 🙂

Is your hair multi-textured?

How does it affect your washing, moisturizing, detangling, styling routine?

Do you go by a hair typing system? Why or why not?


Mélanie Bosquet December 28, 2017 - 1:33 pm

I have the same texture as you…really at the same places the curls are looser and small…i i dont feel comfortable to wear my hair like this so i always tie the top and leave the back…

AT January 5, 2018 - 3:54 am

I have many different textures too. The lower back of my head has very tightly curled and coarse hair (nappy), while the sides of my head are pin straight (although they feel kind of coarse). The front border of my hair (where guys get a line up) is very tightly curled, but not necessarily coarse. The general front of my head has very lose curls, while the back of the top of my head has very tight curls almost like the nappy ones on the back of my head, but not coarse. This makes a lot of hairstyles hard for me to get because my hair is just that drastically different throughout my head. I am very mixed myself, and it seems your are too which is probably why our bodies have this random choice of hair textures.

Kay Briggs May 6, 2018 - 1:11 pm

I think the majority of African Americans are “Heinz 57” like myself 🙂 and AT. I have 4b/ 4c densely packed at the front and top, a healthy dose of 2c /3a on the right side, 3a/ 4b on the left and 3a/ 3b/ 4a in the back. I know, I am a mess. Fortunately I have a great beautician who is a master at cutting and shaping so that at least for awhile I have a decent Afro. When it grows out I have floppy sides and a dense flat top due to shrinkage. I wear a lot of braided styles and am careful to limit product on my “headband” and generously distribute it in the “flat top” area. It took a lot of trial and error. I am happy to say that when I do straighten my hair the different textures give me the swing around the sides and back and the full body at the top that is uniquely me. I hated my hair when I was still processing because you can’t mix and match chemicals, so I had a lot of damage, breakage and stubbornly short hair. I have grown to love love love my hair ! with all its quirks just like me 🙂

Jamorales March 15, 2019 - 3:50 pm

We’re almost like opposites. My hair is about 2b in the back of my head, almost in the 1s honestly, but towards the crown its around 3a causing it to droop down and back overlapping the back of my head in a very poofy way. On the sides by the ear its around 3b. The worst part is the general front above my forehead. My hair is about 4a with a few bs and cs. It takes me forever to style my hair, though I figured not washing it for 2-3 days evens out the stress in time it takes me to style. I take about an hour trying to get my hair to look like its all 3b or 3c naturally and I get pretty close but its just frustrating sometimes. From what I’ve seen most mixed people have slight variations in hair textures as with most of my cousins they have 3c with maybe 4b here and a 3b there. Up until I found this I thought I was the only one with huge differences in hair. Sigh, such is the struggle :,( Wouldn’t trade my hair for any other texture though!

Kristal C March 16, 2019 - 11:12 pm

Oh wow! You definitely have a melting pot of textures on your head and you are definitely not alone! I get so amazed at my daughter’s hair because it is an even texture all over. She has mostly 4b/c hair and her twists and twist outs are so nice. Like you, it takes me some time to blend in my textures because each texture can have its quirk. However, as I’ve gotten older, I have also learned to just roll with it. These days, I am mainly bunning my hair or wearing cute headscarves. I think the most important part is that we embrace our specialized mix of textures. Just wait until those grey hairs come in…they definitely have a texture and mind of their own! 🙂

Christina Hill April 22, 2019 - 11:48 am

I’m not sure if anyone comments here anymore but I hope so, I’m so lost. 🙁 My hair is straight in the back half of my head to the point where it will not even hold a twist out. The edges have a little kink but that it it. The side are coily(D/E) or what most would consider “nappy” but with water or a generous amount of a cream moisturizer I can comb right through it and the top is wavy and soft (C/B) gets tangled really easy ( I have no idea what to do with it) . I also think it may be thinning I’m not sure -__-. The center (a little in the top like down a little into the back) is like straw it gets unbelievably dry and breaks very easily. I mean I can sleep on it a couple of says and it will break right off. I did not get the hair gene, I can not do hair. I have for most of my natural journey continuously cut it off but I want to see my hairs full potential. PLEASE HELP! A BLACK GIRL THAT CAN’T DO HAIR 🙁

Kristal C April 27, 2019 - 10:15 pm

Hi Christina!

I was out of town last week and just caught up on my website. Thank you for stopping by and posting your concerns! I have noticed my textures changing as I get older. A few spots have gotten tighter while others have gotten looser. Have you considered doing braid outs? I find that braid outs give a more consistent pattern regardless of the different textures. Whenever I get frustrated with my textures, I end up putting my hair into a bun (slicked down will some eco-styler gel) and call it a day. Lately, I have been wearing head wraps and scarves. Are you covering your hair at night? Sometimes breakage can mean your protein balance is off so you may need to do a protein treatment to strengthen your hair. Moisturizing and sealing your hair can help reduce breakage if protein is not an issue. Do not fret about having the hair gene. I know I got to a point where I am more about low manipulation and easy styling. Hope you respond back! I definitely would like to help however possible!


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