Natural Hair Tips, Guides, and Resource Page

by Kristal C

Here is a comprehensive list of natural hair tips, guides, and resources to help you learn how to care and manage your hair without the fluff and stress. Pinnable tips are available to pin on your personal natural hair pinterest boards for reference.


Natural Hair Regimen

This is the first step in establishing a proper natural hair care. If you look at Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and similar social media platforms, you will find a million ways to take care of your natural hair. Seems overwhelming right? Because it is no one size fits all when it comes to taking care of your natural hair.

So where do you begin? Well, that’s easy! You start with the fundamental steps found in most solid natural hair regimens. Don’t know what those are? Well check out the following article:

Once you got that down, you can look deeper into the following topics to help understand how to properly manage your hair and grow it longer:

Heat Application on Natural Hair Tips

Many natural women question whether or not they can use heat on their natural hair without experiencing any breakage or damage. Well the answer is yes! Personally, using heat has its place in a variety of ways in our natural hair regimen. You can use heat regularly and still have long, healthy natural hair.

If you want to know more information on how to safely apply heat to your natural hair, check out the following articles.

Hair Extension Tips

Wearing hair extensions such as box braids, faux locs, yarn wraps, weaves, and wigs can serve as excellent protective styling strategies that can promote greater hair length retention.

However, protective styling using hair extensions can go wrong without the proper maintenance of your natural hair while wearing these styles.

Here are some articles to help you install, maintain, and remove various extension type hairstyles:

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