Mini Puff Hairstyle | Length Check

by Kristal C

After almost 3 weeks of wearing twists, I changed Z’s hairstyle only because of upcoming school pictures. Otherwise, this low maintenance momma would have gotten another week out of her rope twists. Z have not worn a mini puff style in a while and decided that’s what she wanted for the next couple of weeks.

I did the usual wash routine: shampoo, deep condition, moisturize, and seal. This time, I did not remove her twists until after deep conditioning. I wanted to use the same parting for her mini puff hairstyle. Therefore, I detangled, moisturized, and sealed each section before applying gel and adding the bands to her hair. Mind you, I am allergic to latex. With her hair being so long (almost waist length), my fingers can get pretty sore after the 300th band. LOL However, this style has always been worth it.

Installing the mini puff hairstyle took several hours. I had to finish up the top portion the next day an hour before school. Instead of just having the mini puffs fall down from her head, I piggy-backed the front sections into a half ponytail. The back section I kept down. She loves this style! What I like most is that these puffs can withstand some forces of nature: rain, rough play, sweating, wearing a helmet, her brother hair tugging, and etc. I will give these about two weeks before possibly putting in some braids.

Check out how much Z’s hair has grown since doing this mini puff hairstyle back in 2017! I love this style more and more as her hair grows longer. With more length, we can actually style the mini puff ponytails into various styles to switch up the look. This versatility makes it hard to get bored with this hairstyle. It has become a staple in our hairstyle arsenal that is age appropriate and not too kiddie for this big girl.

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