June Wrap Up | July Plans and Goals

by Kristal C

Can you believe half of 2019 is just about over! Here are some of our content and hair news in our quick June wrap up update and our plans moving forward in July.


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Natural Hair Update June 2019

1. Blog News

We have been busy this month creating in-depth guides, editing short video tutorials, and adding new page links (to the menu bar above) to help you navigate through several important natural hair topics. In June, our main focus topics were detangling natural hair and safely applying heat on your curls to reduce damage. Our Pinterest profile hit a milestone this month (10,000 followers!) as we continue to pin on a variety of natural topics. The top 5 boards for June were:

Posts Published in June

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sister) Guides and Flowcharts

For our extensive hair guides, we have created K.I.S.S. Flowcharts to help summarize the important aspects of these topics in an easy to digest format. They are pinnable for you to save to your favorite hair boards for your reference.

New Pages Published and Updated

2. Hair Recap

My Daughter’s Hair

The Revlon Salon One-Step Brush is Still Amazing

Last month, I raved about the Revlon Salon One-Step Brush and this month, my sentiments are still the same. This tool has upgraded our heat stretching routine tremendously. It also affected how well I can cornrow my daughter’s hair in the least amount of time.

Whenever I fail to stretch my daughter’s thick roots in prep for a cornrow hairstyle, parting her hair is harder especially since she is tender-headed. However, the Revlon Salon One-Step Brush has done a remarkable job of stretching her tight curls from root to tip. Because of this, parting her hair and cornrowing has gone by so much smoother and quicker than ever before.

Even as a slow braider, my confidence has grown in my braiding skills. Earlier this week, I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest and did my take of this style on my daughter’s hair. I like it, she loves it, and we are done with styling for two weeks! #triplewinning

My Hair

In last month’s update, I noted my goal of restarting my natural hair regimen on a more consistent weekly basis. With the end of the school year, blogging projects, and just being a mom of an active toddler, I have fallen off my regimen over the past few months and needed to get back on track.

I implemented a personal challenge to follow my basic natural hair regimen over the month of June. As June wraps up, I am excited to report that I kept up with my challenge (for the most part). I followed the steps of this 4 Week Basic Hair Regimen Packet to stay on top of my weekly and daily routine. My hair stayed mainly in large twists and banded ponytails to keep styling simple and less time-consuming. I will repeat the regimen challenge for the month of July to continue my focus on moisture and length retention as well as low manipulation.

Natural Hair Regimen

Quick Length Check

3. Plans and Goals for July

In addition to continuing my low maintenance hair regimen, I plan to utilize my soft hooded bonnet dryer every week for my deep conditioning (DC) sessions. I love my flaxseed heat cap because of its portability. However, I have my soft hooded hair bonnet just sitting around and would like to give it some attention to see if it impacts my weekly DCs.

Recently I started using the Cantu Clarify & Renew Bentonite Clay Masque (Found at Walmart for $1.50). I really loved how it cleansed my hair and restored my natural curl definition. For my next Bentonite Clay treatment, I will use this Aztec Indian Healing Clay that I just ordered from Amazon. This will be my first go around with using clay on my hair so I have to do some research on how to mix it up for my hair. Nevertheless, I am excited to see how this goes! My daughter will continue to use the Cantu Bentonite Masque for now as a part of her monthly clarifying regimen.

Topics we plan to cover over the next month include creating a simple hair regimen, non-heat stretching, and how to deal with your natural hair post swimming. We have some other things under our belt so you have to stay tuned and see what goes down!

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June 2019 Natural Hair Update

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