Our KISS Natural Hair Regimen

Here at Beautifully Curled, we are advocates of keeping our natural hair regimens as simple as possible. We have created the Keep It Simple Sister aka KISS Natural Hair Regimen series for both new and experienced naturals to help simplify their weekly hair routine to gain maximum healthy hair results.

The range of topics about natural hair care is massive and with too much research can feel overwhelming. These flowcharts are designed to compile such wealth of information into an easy to follow guide to help you gain pertinent understanding and knowledge on various topics to set you up for success on your natural hair journey.

This list of KISS Natural Hair Regimen flowcharts will continue to grow as we expound on more topics on Beautifully Curled. For tips and other resources, visit this page HERE.

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Belinda Carter August 9, 2020 - 5:19 am
Thank you very much. This is simple and has provided insight into why I've had lack of steady hair growth and unable to maintain what little does grow.
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