Natural Hair Brides: 50 Breathtaking Styles for 2019

by Kristal C

The 2019 spring and summer wedding season is already underway…

…as many natural hair brides jump the broom towards a lifetime of “I do”.

Seven years ago on this exact date, I married my husband, my best friend. Many small details are fuzzy but the main deets are still etched in my mind.

The thing about my wedding planning was that I did not make a super big fuss about the ordeal. I did not look through millions on magazines to pick out each detail nor go to many stores to find my “perfect” dress.

Actually, I found my dress at a boutique going out of business so I scored a major discount! Seriously…90% a $1600 dress. You do the math!

I wanted to keep an already stressful period of planning and adulting as smooth sailing as possible. Even when it came to my wedding hairstyle, I did not ponder long what I wanted to wear. I simply knew I wanted to style my hair into a simple wedding hairstyle.

This resulted in mini twists pinned into simple updo and adorned with a peacock fascinator. At the end of the day, my main concern was becoming Mrs. to my hubby.

However, if I utilized Pinterest back in 2012 as much as I do now, I probably would have had a harder time making a hairstyle decision for the big day.

Such a difficult task for today’s natural hair brides…

As I put together this 50 breathtaking hairstyle list, I was in awe of the many beautiful styles black natural hair brides were rocking. Updos, buns, braids, locks, afros, and freeform curls. So much character and versatility our natural hair possesses!

If you are in the wedding planning stages or are already wedded, I hope you enjoy this list of breathtaking styles for natural hair brides!


Natural Hair Brides

Many Options for Natural Hair Brides

The options of natural hairstyles for today’s black brides are really endless as they walk down the aisle. Here is just a small sample of the style possibilities to inspire natural hair brides in 2019 and beyond.

(All images are credited from Pinterest on my Natural Wedding Hairstyle Board)


Updo wedding hairstyles exude a natural aura of timelessness and elegance on a natural bride’s wedding day.

Natural wedding hair updos work for short, medium, and long length hair. Thus rocking a updo is a no-brainer for many brides.

Curly hair updos can include intricate pin up hairstyles on blown out hair and grandeur buns adorned with beautiful hair clips.

Or natural updos can fall more on the simpler side like flat twists into a low bun or a tuck and roll hairstyle.

One thing for sure: there is no shortage of cute wedding updos for black natural hair brides.

Dreads + Loc Extensions

Dreadlocks have been around for a long time. However, women are appreciating the versatility and beauty of locs now more than ever!

Faux locs extensions is a clear evidence of that fact! The trend of locks is not going anywhere anytime soon. With so many options such as free-form locks, sister locks, and traditional locks on the rise, finding wedding hair inspiration is not hard at all!

As more black women are sporting there locks on their big day, dreadlock styles for weddings are equally as beautiful and versatile as unlocked hair.

Dreadlocks can be worn in updos, buns, pinned up, and simply down. Check out how some of these locked brides rocked their fierce tresses.

Loose Hairstyles

Loose hairstyles such as twist outs, the wash n go, and braid outs can reflect either a free-spirited feel or a classical vibe to the bride’s overall wedding attire.

Naturally curly hairstyles under this category can make for easy DIY wedding hair options for the no fuss, easy going natural bride.

Short Hair and Low Cuts

Some women may feel that short natural hair on their wedding day is nothing fascinating due to the lack of styling options.

However, short natural hair opens a whole new window for accessorizing the overall look of the natural hair bride.

With less hair, this is an opportunity to let those accessories shine and rock the wedding day look!

From beautiful veils to flower wreaths, short natural hair makes a wonderful option for many brides. Plus, with short hair, that is one less thing to invest time and money-wise on the actual wedding day!

Low cuts are super edgy and work really well with big accessories and chic fascinators. Paired with some amazing makeup, low cuts can work really well for natural hair brides.


Short afros to huge power afros, this style is a popular choice for many natural hair brides. One perk about the fro is the amount of landscape available to adorn the hair.

Afros are like blank canvases. One beloved choice of adorning afros is the use of flower accessories. They can be worn in various ways such as a side clip, a band framing the face, or dispersed throughout the afro to help bring the entire look together.

Another option for natural hair brides rocking the fro is to ditch the hair accessories and go for beautiful jewelry that stands out such as earrings or statement necklaces.

Jr. Bridesmaid + Flower Girl Styles

We cannot forget about our natural hair little girls on the big day. They have big shoes to fill as they prep the way before the natural hair bride makes her grand entrance.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Whether you go for the intricate updo or the easy-going look of free-form tresses, I am confident you will look absolutely stunning as a natural hair bride.

While it can be fun (or daunting) narrowing down on the many details of your wedding day, keep your eyes on the prize that goes beyond the altar: a lifetime commitment to your husband.

For more inspiration for wedding hairstyles for natural hair brides, definitely visit my Natural Hair Wedding Styles Board on Pinterest. I have over 800+ pins and am constantly pinning more each day. Leave a comment below on your favorite type of wedding style below!

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